Bord Ded, Bin Gud.

Bord ded. Bin gud.

Bord ded. Bin gud.

About J. Eric Smith
Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Planner, Manager.

4 Responses to Bord Ded, Bin Gud.

  1. lj bernard says:

    Enjoyed this blog…will miss it…
    Will ” Headlines from the West Burville Gazette ” continue someplace ?

    • Thanks for reading . . . if Phyllis opts to continue the story elsewhere, I will make sure to link out to it from here and then promote via the new Indie Moines Facebook page, so if you’re on FB, follow along there for updates regarding the writers here.

    • Him lj, I just saw this and it’s 2017! Waaa! I miss Indie too. I’m writing at Hop over and catch up with what’s going on in West Burville.

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